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Biology is the science concerned with the study of living organisms.

Curious about the complex processes that makeup the natural world? A degree in biology provides students broad understanding of both traditional and modern biological sciences. This degree helps students learn to make connections between life processes in both the classroom and the laboratory.

The courses in the biology degree programs are suitable as preparation for professional degrees, for teaching, or for careers in government or industry. A program of study in the biological sciences requires completion of a basic science core curriculum in the chemical, physical and mathematical sciences as well as required and elective courses in the biological sciences.

Both the Kachemak Bay and Kenai River campuses offer many classes that lead to partial completion of these UAA biology degrees. It is very important to consult with an advisor to plan and monitor progress in the program.


Name: Cadie L Buckley
Location: Ward 208
Employee Type: Faculty
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Kachemak Bay Campus
Name: Deborah D Boege-Tobin
Title: Associate Professor, Biology
Phone: 907-235-1607
Location: Bayview 120
Employee Type: Faculty
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