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KRC Math Lab

Sometimes math seems like the mountain that you just can't climb. The Math Lab is the answer!

Academic resources, online resources, and tutors are available at no cost to help you be successful in your classes.

At KRC, the Math Lab can be key to students' success. Both the Math Specialist and the instructors are committed to helping students master their coursework. 

Other resources in the KRC Math Lab include:

  • textbooks for every math class (available to borrow if you forget your book) while in the lab
  • graphing calculators for checkout through the KRC Library
  • ample whiteboard space for working problems
  • computers for online homework
  • online resources are available

Not able to travel to campus? Contact the Math Lab to see what accommodations can be made. 

Hours of Operation

The Math Lab is closed until the fall semester. 

Phone: 262-0388


Contact Info

Shara Leaders
KRC Math Specialist
Shara Leaders
Campus: Kenai River Campus Web page