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Accuplacer assessment testing is offered to KPC students in-person at KRC and KBC.

Accuplacer Overview

Accuplacer testing provides students with useful information about their academic skills in math, English and reading. This test cannot be "passed" or "failed". The results, along with the student's academic background, goals and interests, are used by academic advisors and counselors to determine the appropriate course selection. ACCUPLACER is not required for students applying for admission to a degree or certificate program; however, students registering for math, English composition, or communication courses for the first time; and for students taking courses with math or English prerequisites, applicable credits will be required. ACCUPLACER Assessment is recommended for all students. There are tips available for students who will be taking the test.

How it works:

Testing time:

The multiple choice tests are untimed. The essay test may be timed or untimed.

What to take with you to the tests:

On the day of the test, bring photo identification and check with the Learning Resource Center at KBC (Homer) and at Student Services at KRC (Soldotna) for any other special materials to bring.

Testing regulations:

Check with the Learning Resource Center at KBC and Student Services at KRC to see about specific site regulations regarding calculators, textbooks, protractors, notebooks, dictionaries or other papers of any kind. Additionally, anyone who gives or receives help during the test, or uses notes, books, or calculators of any kind may not be allowed to continue the test. The test score will be disregarded if there is reason to question its validity.

At the end of the test:

Once you have completed a test, a score report will be created and provided to the student.


How long are my scores valid?

  • Accuplacer scores which place students into ENGL A111 do not expire. Scores which place students into PREP English are valid for two years. Scores which place students into math courses are valid for one year.

When do I get my results?

  • You will get your results at the end of the test. You will take your results and meet with an advisor who will help you make a plan of study.

Can I retest?

  • Yes, after two days, students are allowed to retest. You may test twice in one semester. Students must pay $18 for each test.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an ACCUPLACER appointment or to request accommodation requirements due to a documented disability, call the appropriate campus: 

Kenai River Campus: 262-0330
Kachemak Bay Campus: 235-1658