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UAA adds Alaska Native-themed GER to curriculum

By: Advancement


Students entering UAA this fall will be part of the first class required to complete three credits of an Alaska Native-themed (AKNT) General Education Requirement (GER) in order to graduate with an associate of arts or baccalaureate degree. The new requirement is part of a broader effort to integrate knowledge about the diversity, perspectives, and history of Alaska Native and Indigenous peoples into the university’s curriculum. 

The student learning outcomes for the GER proposal include:

▪ Recognize Alaska Native/Indigenous diversity by tribe, language, and region. 

▪ Identify and articulate the complexity and sophistication of Alaska Native/Indigenous knowledge systems and social institutions and the arts in historical and contemporary contexts. 

▪ Articulate the social and legal development of Alaska Native peoples, such as ANCSA.

▪ Identify the historical forces of colonization and their impact upon Alaska Native regions, communities and individuals.

The curriculum is designed so it will not burden students with additional required credits and can be completed as part of GERs.