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KPC: A tradition of hiring highly-qualified adjunct faculty

By: Advancement


KPC depends not only on full-time faculty (both tenure-track and term), but also on a cadre of part-time, dedicated adjunct faculty to provide instruction beyond the workloads that full-time faculty can carry. This has allowed KPC to better meet the needs of students who are trying to earn degrees or certificates in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

Many adjunct faculties have taught KPC classes for years and others have come into the fold as the needs changed and technology demands have evolved.

A KRC adjunct faculty member, Reesa Marie Dawkins, joined KPC in 2013 teaching Logistics and Statistics. She was recently featured In the Chronicle of Higher Education (Aug. 29, 2018), a widely-read publication, titled “One Way to Show Students You Care—and Why You Might Want to Try It,” by Beckie Supiano.

Dawkins encourages her students to ask for help if hardship hits. When her husband had a heart attack, colleagues and students reciprocated with an outpouring of support.

“My students have lost family members, gone through breakups and divorces, and one even called to tell me she was homeless (We got her in a dorm the same day).” Even happy events, like a marriage or the birth of a child, can cause upheaval, she adds.

When such issues crop up, “I can give extended grace periods, tutor you one-on-one by phone, be a good listener, offer a list of campus resources, and help you catch back up if you have fallen behind,” Dawkins writes.