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Articulation of "Woody the Sea Lion" on display at KBC

By: Advancement


This semester, students in KBC’s Marine Articulation class undertook a project to complete an articulation of a sea lion who lived and died at the Alaska Sea Life Center (ASLC). Woody was born in 1993 and was collected from Maggot Island British Columbia by the University of British Columbia. He arrived at the ASLC in 1998 where he became a “star” for 17 years, until his death in 2015.

The lead on the project was instructor Lee Post, along with students Sara Coble, Kyle Cullum, Megan Gallagher, Devry Garity, Isabel Jamerson, Krista Laforest, Casey Marker, Zobeida Rudkin, Jade Vipond, and Nicole Webster. The completed articulation can be seen seen at KBC in Pioneer Hall until January, and will be then displayed at the ASLC in Seward.