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Feeding a moose at the cabin door, Soldotna 1960

Unidentified woman feeding a moose. This is a classic winter cabin dooryard. A frame building, probably one room. A male figure stands behind a tree, unseen except for an arm and opposite elbow. A floor mop leans against the same tree. A pile of split firewood is stacked against house beneath a small 4- light window. On the doorstep is a handcranked ice cream freezer, a metal 5 gallon Hills Brothers Coffee container, a Darigold milk case, as well as a Swift All Sweet margarine case, two Blazo boxes and a galvanized tub in the snow.


Unidentified woman feeding moose, unidentified man hiding behind tree, and hungry moose.


Cheechako News


Soldotna, Alaska




Cheechako file photo

Image Type

black and white


12.5 x 9 cm



Identified By

Marge Mullen

Date Cataloged


Archive Location

KPC Anthropology Lab

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