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Exploding broken gas line near Parker's Cafe, Soldotna 1960

Picture taken from 3/4 mile away. Looking east from Parker's Cafe and Bar (mile 1.5 Kenai Spur Highway) It was the practice of oil companies to run a "pig" through a new line. A pig is a cylindrical plug of a size to fit snug inside another pipe. Under great pressure it travels miles to prove the pipe is unobstructed. This test pig traveled from the well site to just past Parker's when a pipe weld gave way. At approximately 6:45 A.M, everyone within a two mile radius was awakened to a powerful noise, and a pink glow engulfed the outlying area. The oil company soon had everything under control.




Cheechako News


Soldotna, Alaska


November 1960


Cheechako file photo

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B&W print


13 x 13 m



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Marge Mullen

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KPC Anthropology Lab

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