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USDA district extension agent for the Kenai Peninsula Ed Liebenthal, Ninilchik 1951

Ed Liebenthal was USDA district extension agent on the Kenai Peninsula. He served an area from Homer to Hope. His main duties were to serve these communities in all aspects of living; home building, barn construction, clearing land, well drilling, dairying, poulterying, seed and grain selection, marketing, etc. He organized 4-H clubs and homemakers clubs. As a matter of fact he extended all the information from the USDA as it applied, especially to the homesteader, the first occupant on native land. He was raised on a farm in Wisconsin and had a great deal of very practical knowledge. Upon arriving on the Kenai Peninsula a government program was enacted only for veterans. They would receive $100.00 monthly after attending weekly meetings with the agricultural agent, in this case, Ed. and sometimes $100.00 was all the cash some homesteaders existed on at the time. Ed first settled in the Ninilchik area, and traveled to meetings in the Kenai, Soldotna, and Sterling areas, which often meant traveling the beach in his WWII army Jeep. The Sterling Highway was barely under construction in that direction and often impassable. Incidentally the $100.00 was all the cash some homesteaders existed on at the time. Before long he married Susie Cooper of Ninilchik. He took her children as his own, and a son was born to them. They settled on a homestead of his closer to Anchor Point on Cottonwood Trail. He was a fine gentleman in every sense of the word. This picture shows Ed evidently judging a garden vegetables display under a tent. He is wearing an Alaska tuxedo, then a very popular green, hard twill suit worn either formally or informally.


Edward Liebenthal


Cheechako News


Ninilchik, Alaska




Cheechako file photo

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