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Momentum Campaign

Momentum Campaign

KPC's internal fundraiser, the Momentum Campaign, accepts donations throughout the academic year but kicks off in earnest during the spring semester. There are periodic reminders sent to staff, faculty and the College Council reminding them that supporting student scholarships and campus funds help ensure that KPC remains a college of first choice. 

Donations, no matter how small, are accepted as one-time contributions using KPC's Online Giving Form or downloading and printing a pledge form. Donations are accepted as cash, checks (payable to UA Foundation), credit card or via payroll deductions. Please note that due to limitations in the UAA accounting system, payroll deductions must be set up using a paper pledge form and digital signatures are not accepted on the form. Also, if donating via a paper pledge form using a credit card, digital signatures are not accepted.

Thanks to the generous staff, faculty and the College Council, KPC's Momentum Campaigns have been very successful, with many employees and College Council members participating. Here is the breakdown of the campaign totals over recent years:

Year Donation Total Donors
2008 $9,324 53
2009 $13,320 48
2010 $16,704 56
2011 $12,566 53
2012 $15,339 63
2013 $12,266 57
2014 $14,448 65
2015   $9,500 45

KPC hopes to continue increasing participation every year until the 100 percent mark is reached! Something to be proud of: KPC continues to be recognized as having the highest percentage of staff and faculty support of any of the campuses in the UAA system.

Donate to the Momentum Campaign now using the downloadable form or Make a Gift Online NOW

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