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Annual Report

Director's Welcome

KPC Director Gary J. TurnerKPC continues to be a robust institution and better serves our region every year because of our dedicated faculty and staff who do so much to provide students with quality education and training. But, it takes more than that.

We could not do all these wonderful things without the public's support. This ranges from our state legislators to the Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor and assembly, and the towns and villages that consider us "their" college (and we’re glad they do). The continuing support from our neighbors is ever present on our campuses and extension sites, and the various communities we serve. Because of this support, KPC has strong enrollments, and increasing graduation and retention rates. We also continue to see increasing numbers of rural and Alaska Native students and veteran students choose KPC.

The state of Alaska is facing a fiscal crisis and funding for the university has been reduced the last three years. We hope that trend is coming to an end. We have strategically dealt with these reductions and while KPC may look a bit different we will continue to serve you, our student, stakeholders and customers, in the outstanding way we have done over the last 53 years. 

Over the last few years we’ve seen new buildings and/or renovations at the Kenai River Campus and Kachemak Bay Campus. Due to the state’s fiscal condition, we don’t expect to see such major changes in the foreseeable future. However, while physical infrastructure is important and we continue to maintain our facilities in excellent condition, it is the resources inside the buildings that make the difference and are the key to our success.

You will read about all the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students in the following pages. It is quite a volume so take your time and learn about all the wonderful things your college is doing, in large part due to your support. Now scroll down and click on the different sections to see what we've done during the past year.

Gary J. Turner
KPC Director/CEO

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