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Travel Information

Before travel

Submit a Travel Authorization (TA) form to the department for approval before making any airline or conference related reservations at least three days before the trip date.

After travel

Submit a Travel Expense Report (TER) for all KPC-related travel, regardless if claiming any expenses, within 15 work days of completion of travel. The TER should match the TA. Any additional claimed expenses, the employee must provide a written justification attached to the TER or a TA Revision must be submitted. Forms are available here:

Field Trip Information

Travel Resources

Driving a vehicle for KPC related activities

The following must be on file and renewed annually with the department in order to drive a personal vehicle for college business, driving a college-owned vehicle or rental vehicles:

  1. Copy of AK Driver's Record
  2. Signed Driver's Verification form (must inform department by next business day of any new violations or license revocation)
  3. Have an approved TA  

Supervisors are required to ensure that their employees comply with the required documentation in order to operate a vehicle while on KPC business or risk denial of reimbursements. Departments risk being responsible for the costs of claims (property, liability, damage awards) that result if an employee does not comply with regulations and operate a vehicle while on KPC business. Employees can apply for reimbursement for personal vehicle usage. The reimbursement covers costs of insurance, maintenance, depreciation, fuel, etc.

Accidents and Citations while on KPC related business

For more information about traveling while on KPC business, contact Katie Wells or Curt Wallace.

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