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Prerequisites & Course Level Expectations 


  • Prerequisite courses are those that are required before being allowed to register for a course 
  • Students are expected to meet prerequisites for all courses prior to registering 
  • Prerequisites are listed in course descriptions in the course catalog and the schedule 
  • Students confident of performing the course work may request instructor permission to enroll in the class 
  • Instructors may withdraw students who enroll without either prerequisites or instructor permission 
  • Prerequisites indicate the preparation and/or background necessary to undertake academic study 
  • Students are expected to demonstrate learning skills commensurate with the appropriate course level  

Course Level Expectations

  • Courses numbered 001-049 are career development courses offered for continuing education units (CEU) or non-credit and are not designed as preparation for 100-level college work 
  • Courses numbered 050-099 do not apply to degree requirements and are designed as basic developmental courses intended to help prepare students to enter 100-level college courses
  • 100-level courses generally require learning basic concepts
  • 200-, 300- and 400-level courses require increasing sophistication in the ability to extract, summarize, evaluate, and apply relevant class material
  • 500-level courses are specifically designed for professional development
  • 600-level courses demand rigorous analysis, synthesis, and research skills
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