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Children on Campus Guidelines

Safety is a primary concern for KPC and we take every possible precaution to ensure the welfare of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. The majority of our facilities are not designed for occupancy by children. To ensure safety and maintain productivity of our employee and student population, the following guidelines apply when bringing children on campus, whether it is inside campus facilities or anywhere on campus property:

  • A child may not be left unattended while the parent or guardian is working, attending class or conducting any other business or social function on campus;
  • A parent or guardian must maintain line of sight supervision at all times, including the campus grounds;
  • Children are not allowed in high-risk areas such as: laboratories, shops, studios and cannot play in stairwells, elevators or doorways. They are not permitted to run through any areas to include the commons, hallways, classrooms or any other area inside the facility;
  • Children should not interfere with workplace activities or be disruptive in any campus area.

Should a child become disruptive, the parent or guardian and child may be asked to leave.

For more information on application of the KPC Guidelines for Children on Campus, please contact Director Gary Turner.

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