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KPC Electronic Forms Index

General Forms

KPC Gift Agreement 
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver 
Request for UA Online Pin Reset 
Notice of Concern (KRC) 

Room Use 
Room Use Request Form (KRC)    
Room Use Request (KBC) 
Solicitation on Campus Policy 
Video Conferencing Reservation Form- Academic 
Video Conferencing Reservation Form- Administrative 
Facilities Use Agreement 
Interlibrary Loan Request (KRC) 
Library Card Registration Form 
Library Card Application Form (KBC) 
Library Media Center Check Out Form (KRC) 


Student Forms

Student Finances 
EZ Tuition Payment Application/Deferred Fee Authorization Form 
Duplicate or Replacement Diplomas Form 
Financial Aid Deferment Form 
Petition for Refund 
Request for Certification of Veterans Benefits 
Emergency Loan Application 
Promissory Note Form 
Title IV Authorization Form 

Student Privacy 
Consent for Release of Student Information 
FERPA Release for Reference Requests 
FERPA One Time Release Form 
Student Academic Forms 
Academic Petition 
Academic Policy Petition 
Admission Fee Deferral Authorization Form 
Undergraduate Application for Admission Form 
Application Form for KPC ID Card 
Application for Graduation 
Application for Resident Tuition Assessment 
Caring for the Kenai - Proposal Rubric 
Change of Grade 
Class Changes 
Club Project Proposal Form 
Course Time Conflict Form 
Credit by Examination Form 
Incomplete Grades Form 
Independent Study Application 
JumpStart! Application Form (KRC)   
KRC Paramedic Program ipad Sign-Out Application  
Non-Degree Seeking Admission Application 
Photo Video Release 
Registration Form 
Request for Change Form (Non-Interactive)  
Request for Change Form (Interactive) 
Request for Enrollment Certification 
VA Student Acknowledgement of Understanding Form 


Employee Forms

Fax Cover Page (KRC) 
Leave Request Form 
Direct Deposit Request Form 
DMV Request Authorization 
Off Campus Property Use Form 

Purchase Request Form 
Representational & Non‐Representational Expenditure Approval Form 
Employee Reimbursement Form 
Procard Log Form 
Determination of Honorarium Status 
Student Employee Hour Waiver Form 
Emergency Hire Report  
Evaluation Report - Student Employee 

Travel Authorization (TA) Form 
Travel Expense Report 
Travel Authorization Revision Request 
Mileage Log (Interactive) 

Tuition Waivers 
Employees/Adjunct Faculty 
Spouse/Dependent Child 

Faculty Forms

Faculty Employment 
Faculty UAFT-Workload Agreement
Faculty Annual Activity Report 
Faculty Summer WLA  
Faculty UAFT C form 
Substitute Teacher Authorization Request 
Data Collection Research Scholarship and Creative Activity 

Safety Agreements 
Lab Safety Agreement 
Shop Safety Agreement 
Studio Safety Agreement 
Faculty Academic 
Text Book Request Form 
Textbook Examination - Desk Copy - Ancillaries Request (KRC) 
Directed Study Form 
Fee Request Form 
Field Trip Release Form 
Course Content Guide 
Program Action Request (PAR) 
Curriculum Action Request (CAR) 
Course Selected Topic Form 
Lecture Release Form 
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