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Field Trip Procedures

In order for students to participate in field trips as part of a course or college-sponsored activity, the following procedures must be observed before the field trip for the protection of students, faculty and the college: 

  1. All students, whether traveling in a KPC vehicle or not, must complete the Release All Claims Form
  2. Students under the age of 18 must have the Acknowledgement of Risks and Release of Liability Form signed by a parent or guardian. This form must be obtained from the Travel department and participation is approved on a case-by-case basis. Minors can not have risks released, however, by parents signing the form they indemnify KPC.   
  3. Travel Authorization (TA) Forms with no money requested must be submitted by the instructor for approval. 
  4. Students will be required to transport themselves to a class field trip unless other arrangements are made by the instructor. 
  5. Students workers may be approved to help transport other students. The instructor may contact travel department for details. 
  6. Student drivers with moving violations are prohibited from transporting other students. 
  7. It is an instructor's responsibility to make sure all Release All Claims Forms are submitted, not the student. If students do not submit the completed Release All Claims Form, they are not allowed to join the field trip. 
  8. Any change in date of the field trip must be noted in the Travel department. 
  9. All injuries, no matter how trivial, must be reported to the Travel department immediately following the trip. 

Students are eligible for Student Health Insurance for all field trips. The links below provide more information.  

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