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Bachelor Of Arts/Science, Anthropology

The study of human diversity on a cross-cultural bias

Anthropologists assist in identifying prehistoric and historic sites for preservation, identifying subsistence and land use patterns of Native peoples, and investigating changes in society that impact future education, economics and industry.

KBC offers courses which lead to partial completion of this UAA degree. Please work closely with your advisor.

Anthropology At Kenai Peninsula College

Careers in Anthropology

Anthropology Information Sheet

Students who major in Anthropology should:

  • be interested in world cultures
  • be able to take holistic view
  • be able to remain open to new ideas and
  • be interested in historical research

Program Highlights

  • Explore other cultures
  • Job opportunities in cultural resource management
  • Internships in federal, state, tribal and private organizations
  • Opportunities in forensics

Degree Check List
Description of Courses 


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