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Nobody told me that...

  • It’s easy to set up a payment plan for my classes.
  • I don't have to be admitted to a degree to register for a class.
  • Dropping and withdrawing from classes are two different things.
  • If I sign up for a class but never go - I still have to pay for it.
  • The university sends bills only to my UAA e-mail - never in the mail.
  • My instructors can drop me if I miss the first class.


Who can take classes? 
All students, except high school age students, must be admitted to the college either as degree seeking or non-degree seeking, before enrolling in classes. Degree seeking students can apply for admissions at the certificate, associate or baccalaureate level; there is a fee for admissions. Call Student Services at
235-7743 for an advising admissions appointment. Placement testing and transcripts are required before admission is complete. Program admission is not required to enroll in classes.

Non-degree students who have not registered for classes within the past year must complete the Non-Degree Student Supplement Form found in this schedule or at UAOnline prior to registration.

Non-degree students who have not registered for classes within the past year must complete the Non-Degree Student Supplement Form found in this schedule or at UAOnline prior to registration.

High school age students must obtain the necessary forms for registration from their high school counselor or from Student Services, with required signatures, and register only in person. See page 6 for more information on underage registration.

For the purposes of tuition assessment, a “resident” is any person who, prior to the published first day of instruction at his or her home campus: Has been physically present in Alaska for two years (apart from documented absences), or, has been physically present in Alaska for one year, presents five documents proving this and declares the intention to remain in Alaska indefinitely. For complete details regarding KPC’s residency policy, see the 2008-2010 KPC Catalog.


Placement testing
 The ACCUPLACER placement test is required for students entering degree or certify certificate programs if SAT/ACT is not used for placement. It is required for non-degree students taking English or math classes. The fee for the placement exam is $15.00. Call 235-7743 to make an appointment. 

Course Prerequisites Students are responsible for checking to make sure all course prerequisites are met. Prerequisites are listed with course descriptions in each semester’s course schedule. They help ensure student success. If a student has not taken and passed the necessary prerequisites, but feels confident of performing the course work, the student may request instructor permission. An instructor withdrawal will be initiated for those students who enroll without prerequisites or instructor permission.

Adding/dropping or withdrawing from a courseStudents may add/drop courses the first two weeks of the semester, the second week requires instructor signature. Third through twelfth week of the semester a dropped course is a withdrawal and shows up as a“W” on a student’s transcript. There is a $3/class charge for dropping once the semester begins. Students are strongly encouraged to speak to an advisor before dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Cancellation of classesKenai Peninsula College reserves the right to cancel, to combine, to change the instructor, time, date, or place of a class, and to make other revisions in class offerings which may become necessary, and to do so without incurring obligation. The College may discontinue a class at any time if attendance falls below minimum levels.
If Kenai Peninsula College cancels a course, you may add another course of equal tuition value. KPC will refund 100% of tuition and fees.

Grades via UAOnline
Semester grade reports and account balances may be accessed online and printed via UAOnline. The UA Online link is available from our homepage.

Official transcripts are available via UAOnline. The National Student Clearinghouse is the UA provider for online transcript requests. Students can view and print an unofficial transcript at UAOnline as well. It is strongly recommended students review their records for accuracy before requesting official transcripts. If there is a hold on the account they will be unable to view their records.

Senior citizen tuition waiver
Regular tuition shall be waived for Alaska residents who are 66 years of age prior to the beginning (first day of class) of the semester they are registering for, and who register on a space available basis; that is, when courses can accommodate such students in addition to other enrolled students.

Use of senior citizen waivers is governed accordingly: 

  • Senior citizens must pay all additional course fees.
  • To waive tuition, senior citizens must register and present a completed tuition waiver with proof of age during the late registration period.
  • Registration using a senior citizen tuition waiver for payment is permitted only during late registration and must be completed by the ADD deadline.
  • Senior citizens may elect to register before the first day of class; however, they must pay full tuition.
  • and fees (use of senior citizen tuition waiver will not be accepted).
  • Senior citizens electing to register and pay tuition are subject to all payment deadlines.
  • Refunds will NOT be available to senior citizens who drop courses and then re-register in the same courses using a tuition waiver during late registration.

High school senior JumpStart and underage students
High school seniors, through the Jump Start program, are allowed to take 6 credits per semester at the 100 and 200 course level only for $47 per credit, plus any class fees and textbook costs. Seniors may take up to 7 credits per semester but only the first 6 are eligible for the Jump Start discount. To qualify, high
school seniors must meet course and placement test prerequisites if required, and complete the Jump Start form available from their school counselor, including all required signatures PRIOR TO REGISTRATION.

Students in the 11th grade and below are ineligible for discounted-tuition Jump Start program and must
meet course and placement test prerequisites if required and obtain the appropriate Underage forms from their high school counselor
with all required signatures PRIOR TO REGISTRATION. Full tuition, fees and textbooks are the responsibility of the student. Students with an academic level below 9th grade are not eligible for the high school underage waiver program to take KPC courses.

Register in person bringing signed Jump Start Senior or Underage forms. Jump Start senior and underage students are not eligible to register via the web system and must register in person. Courses are subject to space availability,
prerequisites and other restrictions.

Tech Prep Classes are specific dual-credit (KPC and Kenai Peninsula Borough School District high school credit) career and technical classes that are taught at the high school by high school instructors. These courses have been reviewed by KPC faculty and determined to be equivalent to college offerings. Tech Prep classes lead to a degree or certify certificate program. Students are not required to take the Accuplacer placement test but must complete the class(es) with a B or higher letter grade to receive college credit. There is a $25 per-credit fee for the classes. Contact the Homer High School counselor for a list of classes.

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