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  1. Payment Procedures

    All tuition, fees, tuition wavier request forms and other charges for the semester must be paid in full by the payment deadline unless arrangements have been made with Campus Services. In addition, any charges unpaid at the end of previous semesters are due and payable prior to re-enrollment at the college. Payment may be made in cash, by check or by VISA or MasterCard. A $30 return check fee is charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts or stop payments. Tuition and fee charges may be audited, corrected and adjusted before the end of the current semester. Students are notified of adjustments by mail.

    No refunds are issued for $2 or less. An electronic bill will be generated on the 15th of each month that will be available to students via their UAOnline account. Students will receive an e-mail reminder at their UA assigned e-mail address each time a bill is generated. NO PAPER BILLS ARE GENERATED. A link on the UAOnline Statement and Payment History page allows access to pay by credit card or electronic check. To view the electronic bill, access UAOnline, choose Student, Student Account, then Statement and Payment History. Students are academically and financially responsible for registration activity and will be held responsible for all payments for all courses for which they are registered. Late payment fees will be assessed. Remember to officially withdraw by the published deadlines if you are unable to complete a course. Failure to do so will result in a grade of “F” for nonattendance and may affect your financial aid and grade point average (GPA). Deadlines will be adjusted for courses with dates other than full semester length. Be sure to check with Campus Services ahead of time for pro-rated deadlines for short courses.

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