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Enrollment and Registration

There are two ways to enroll in courses at KBC

General Public  (Non-Degree Seeking)

Individuals interested in taking classes but not in seeking a degree can complete a short form with a long name, the Non-Degree Student Supplemental Form. After submitting this form to the Student and Enrollment Services office or completing it on UAOnline and waiting 24 hours individuals will be able to register for classes. Individuals who have not taken a class for more than 4 semesters will need to complete a new form.


Students who wish to seek a degree or certificate should complete an Admission Application available on UAOnline or at the SES office. Certificate and associate degree programs emphasize technical or job-related skills in demand in the workplace and/or can be used as preparation for a bachelor program. KBC offers courses that lead to completion, near completion or partial completion of several Bachelors degrees offered by other campuses of the University of Alaska.  Pay attention to application deadlines.

If you register for courses, the University holds you financially responsible for that registration.

If you cannot attend after registering, you must drop your courses within the 100% refund period to avoid assessment of tuition and fees.  If a student fails to attend the courses for which they have registered, they are still financially obligated for any tuition and fees due. 

Detailed Information

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