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The Kachemak Bay Campus maintains a Computer Labs for students, faculty, and staff use.

Read the Policy on Appropriate Use of Computing Resources at UAA.   

Questions? Call the Computer Lab office at 235-1660.

Computer Lab has 15 Windows computers, located on the second floor of Pioneer Hall off the Commons:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • Printing
  • Campus website access (Information, Services, Library, News, other UA campuses)
  • Internet access for research, news, and general use. 

Access Lab has 6 Windows computers, located in the Bayview Hall Learning Resource Center:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • Printing
  • Campus website access (Information, Services, Library, News, other UA campuses)
  • Internet access for research, news, and general use.  

Printing Services 

  • Printing for academic use, single copy, and final copy ONLY.
  • The lab has a black and white laser printer which is provided at no direct cost to students, staff and faculty.
  • The lab has a color printer available on a pay per use basis.
  • Click here fore rates and more information.

Common applications to use lab for:

  • Word processing 
  • Spreadsheets
  • Publishing
  • Presentations
  • Internet research
  • Email

The lab is staffed with someone who can...

  • Assist with email access
  • Logging on to computers
  • Provide basic assistance in using some MS Office suite applications and printer 
  • Answer questions about campus computer systems and provide information about systems’ and resource access

Our staff is here to assist you. They can help you get started in the right direction, but are not available for tutoring, cannot do your homework for you or teach you how to use software. The campus does offer computer classes; see our course schedule for the listings. There are also other resources that provide tutoring and/or instruction for those needing additional assistance (contact Student Services’ staff).

Computer Lab Schedules

Each semester the computer lab’s schedule slightly changes to accommodate computer classes. The schedule is posted outside the computer lab and on bulletin boards around campus. When the lab closes, you are required to leave the facility. Students cannot remain in the computer lab while a computer class is in session. Please note the posted closure times.

By using this lab, you agree to abide by the following computer lab policy:

Computer Lab Policy

  • Computing resources, both personal computer and mainframe, are for use by University staff, students and faculty for educational, research, and/or administrative purposes only.
  • Children are not allowed in the lab.
  • Use of University computing resources for financial gain is illegal.
  • During open hours, these labs are for academic use only. There shall be no playing of games or recreational activities of any type. This includes muds, mushes, chat sessions, IRC, etc.
  • Lab use is prioritized. Priorities are as follows:
    • Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and other Office Applications
    • Class work statistical analysis
    • Academic Web Browsing and E-mail
    • Non- academic Web Browsing and E-mail
    • NO SOFTWARE INSTALLATION by patrons is allowed on lab computers.
    • All files on the local hard drives are deleted on a regular basis.
    • Food and drink are not allowed in the lab.
    • This is a public lab. Nothing done in this lab should be considered private. This includes the typing of passwords, e-mail messages, web browsing, and word processing documents.
    • Web browsing shall not include sexually explicit material or other items which may be considered sexual harassment. For a definition of sexual harassment, please refer to The Alaska Human Rights Law (AS 18.80.220).
    • We are not responsible for viruses, or data loss. PLEASE make backup copies of all of your documents, and programs on at least one other disk. Save your work often!
    • We reserve the right to close the labs for maintenance.

Also see theAcceptable Use Policy of Computing Resources at UAA.

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