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Child Care

Attending college while caring for a family is challenging! 

To be a good parent and a good student, identify your resources and make a plan!  


Parent/Students who have come before you share their wisdom below.

  • Set up child care well before classes start.
  • Expect the unexpected.  Have two or more back-up sitters in case your original plans do not work out and for days when your child (or provider) is sick.  If you cannot attend class, be sure to let your instructor know as soon as possible. 
  • Your child's welfare comes first.  If you are having trouble balancing home and college life, please talk to the caring staff in Student & Enrollment Services.

Good to Know

Working with an advisor can help you reach your educational goals as quickly as possible.

Time management can be the most significant challenge faced by students who are parents.  Make sure you make time to keep yourself healthy when planning your schedule.

Your child may not go to class with you or be unattended on campus at anytime, so make sure you have your child care bases covered!


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