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The terms admission and enrollment/Registration are often confused.

Admission is a formal request to become a student of our University. Admitted students may be seeking a degree, certificate or occupational endorsement or they may be non-degree seeking students. Enrollment refers to registering to attend a particular class or classes.

Admission Requirements

There are different admission requirements for new, returning, transferring or international students and students. 
Admission Requirements 

Advantages accompany being admitted to one of our many KPC/UAA degree programs:

  • An advisor can help you with course sequencing and selection.
  • Admission will establish your degree requirements for 5 years (certificate or AA/AAS) or 7 years (BA/BS).
  • To receive most forms of financial aid, admission to a program is required.
  • Transcripts from previous colleges are officially evaluated by UAA.
  • Admitted students get to register first.

You must be admitted to a degree program before you can graduate from it!

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