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The terms admission and enrollment/Registration are often confused.

Admission is a formal request to become a student of our University. Admitted students may be seeking a degree, certificate or occupational endorsement or they may be non-degree seeking students. Enrollment refers to registering to attend a particular class or classes.

Admission Requirements

Advantages accompany being admitted to one of our many KPC/UAA degree programs:

  • An advisor can help you with course sequencing and selection.
  • Admission will establish your degree requirements for 5 years (certificate or AA/AAS) or 7 years (BA/BS).
  • To receive most forms of financial aid, admission to a program is required.
  • Transcripts from previous colleges are officially evaluated by UAA.
  • Admitted students get to register first, ensuring enrollment.

You must be admitted to a degree program before you can graduate from it!

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