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Accuplacer is UAA/KPC's placement test to assess your skills in English and math. 

It is not possible to "fail" Accuplacer.

Matching your current skill level with the correct beginning courses in English and math will increase your likelihood of success as you begin your program of study.

How long are my scores valid?

Accuplacer scores which place students into English A111 do not expire. Scores which place students into Prepatory English are valid for two years. Scores which place students into math courses are valid for one year.

When do I get my results?

You will get your results at the end of the test. You will take your results and meet with an advisor who will help you make a plan of study.

Can I retest?

Yes, after two days, students are allowed to retest. You may test twice in one semester. Students must pay $15 for each test. Students testing under Ability to Benefit  can retest after 14 days.

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