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KPC Educational Technology Team (ETT)

On October 1, 2013, KPC's Title III Distance Education Access & Success grant ended and the Educational Technology Team (ETT) was born. 


KPC's Educational Technology Team supports faculty and staff in projects involving eLearning and educational technology.

The Educational Technology Team

Lead Instructional Designer  
(907) 262-0242 
Instructional Designer 
(907) 235-1609 
Educational Technologist 
(907) 262-0299 


8 AM - 7 PM

Current Projects


Echo360 is a lecture capture system that allows for recording and distributing educational video. Echo is currently installed in X classrooms on the Kenai River Campus and 1 classroom on the Kachemak Bay Campus. X additional installations of Echo are planned for the near future. Instructors interested in using lecture capture in their classrooms (that is, recording and later playback of face-to-face classes) should contact Andy Pfeiffer for more information.

Web Site Updates  

The ETT team is working on resource pages for faculty and students who are working with educational technology and online courses. We'll keep you posted with updates as we progress!

Instructional Design  

The ETT has two instructional designers, Drs. Heather Nash and Richard Webb, who can help with design of online courses and the incorporation of educational technologies into face-to face classes. 

Quality Matters  

Quality Matters is a rubric and process that KPC uses to help design and deliver high-quality online courses. For more information on Quality Matters rubric or training possibilities, please contact Dr. Heather Nash.

Past Projects

Please click on the KPC Title III Distance Education Access and Success Grant link to learn more about our history and past projects. 

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