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E-Learning Access and Success

KPC's Title III Grant

Kenai Peninsula College was awarded a Title III Institutional Transformation grant in October 2008.

Year 1

The first year we focused on infrastructure and corresponding training. Our activities included the purchase of servers, lab equipment for KBC's learning center, support for PRT developing online and hybrid courses, and a week-long training event for faculty in May 2009.

Year 2

We continued a focus on training and course development, and worked hard on student services for distance students. We also collaborated in developing a help desk and flash video server for video delivery.

Year 3

Amazing! Where has the time gone?! Our work in year 3 continues some of what we did in prior grant years. For example, we are on the second year of our Help Desk pilot and are working to get Starfish Early Alert and Starfish Connect in place to support retention efforts for all students.  We also have some new projects.

Our Year 3 new focus is converged media - have you noticed that we have some devices that used to be distinct are now all wrapped up in one? For example, you used to have a camera, a video camera, a planner, a CD player, and so on. Now, you carry an iPhone or similar device. This idea of multiple technologies converging into a single device underlies converged media, and there are strong educational implications. All of these technologies are at the fingertips of a huge variety of people! We are also taking a closer look at social media and how they can be put to service in e-Learning. 

Year 4

In Year 4, we continued the focus on converged media, implementing the KPC eLearning Community of Practice and continuing development with iPads and other converged media devices. Video studios were completed for faculty to use in developing lecture capture and conducting eLive sessions. Our work on course development is maturing as Quality Matters course review became routinized and our first course reviews were completed. 

Year 5

Year 5 is a big year as we close out old projects and complete a few new ones. In the area of Student Success, we are working on tutoring with; implementation of tools to help students including MyFoundationsLab; and on building a strengths-based model of student development with StrengthsQuest training and materials. 

Additional Information

Current Projects 


Grant Staff

Liz Downing, MA Ed, Project Director

Dr. Richard L. Webb, Student Success Developer

Andy Pfeiffer, IT Developer

Rob Lewis, Help Desk Lead Tech

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