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Disability Support Services for e-Learning Students

The campus where your class originates will work with you to determine appropriate accommodations for classes in which you are enrolled. If you are taking classes that originate from multiple campuses, you may be working with multiple Disability Support Services (DSS) offices. If you are already have documentation on file with a University of Alaska DSS office, you may sign a release to have that information shared with other DSS offices.

Adjustments are provided through the accommodation process which is defined by three basic steps:

  1. Student initiates a request
    Students meet with their DSS contact and make a request
    (documentation of disability is required).
  2. Accommodation strategy is defined
    Appropriate adjustments are determined through a combination of documentation review, student experience, and best practices.
    Accommodation is put in place
    Adjustments are put in place when students deliver faculty notification letters that have been prepared by DES.

Accommodation Examples              More Information

  • ASL Interpreters
  • Extending testing time
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Alternate format materials
  • Assistive technology
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High School Transition 

Documentation Guidelines 

Resources for Faculty    

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