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college readiness

College Readiness Resources

Need to review math or English before starting college? Scored low on the Accuplacer and want to try self-help before paying tuition for a preparatory class?  Aren’t comfortable with distant learning technology?  KPC has created free, online materials for students to study, at their own pace and free of charge.

Students can review all of pre-algebra or just an area of weakness such as fractions or real numbers. Students can choose to refresh writing skills or only focus on how commas are used. Students can explore the world of distance education technology or just review how Blackboard works. Students have the freedom to repeat whatever they need to improve their skills, and then re-take a placement exam to prove their readiness for college math or English.

The project is funded by the US Department of Labor, TAACCCT (Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career) program and 100% of the total cost of the online College Readiness Resources has been funded by federal money out of a $2.5 million TAACCCT Department of Labor project. However, these materials do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Labor or endorsement by the Federal Government.  The TAACCCT grant is an equal opportunity program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Grant has been conducted in partnership with the UAA Community and Technical College and the Architectural and Engineering Technician program.

Courses may be found by clicking on the links to the right or by visiting the National Training and Education Resource (NTER) page. NTER versions are not updated as frequently, however, as a login is required for NTER, students can more easily track their progress through the course materials. 

Essential Pre-College Math

Essential Pre-College Math is a series of self-paced online modules that cover topics ranging from basic number properties to factoring and graphing polynomials. The modules are designed to help students review or master content usually covered in Pre-Algebra and Algebra I courses taught in high school while at the same time presenting the material with authentic examples illustrating how mathematics is used in the various fields of study related to work for architectural engineering technicians or construction. A solid understanding of this level of mathematics is crucial, and a prerequisite, for enrolling and succeeding in college level mathematics courses required in the Architectural and Engineering Technology (AES) degree and certificate programs as well as in most other fields of study.

The self-paced, modular structure of the modules allows students to work on their areas of weakness without requiring them to spend time on material they have already mastered. Additionally, it allows students to improve their mastery of pre-college foundational math without the tuition cost normally associated with remedial mathematics courses.

Writing Basics

Writing Basics is a series of self-paced online modules that serve as a tutorial for those desiring a refresher in basic writing skills. The course is designed to prepare students for 100-level composition courses or to cover the skills needed for general education writing requirements at the college level. Writing Basics covers a range of topics within a six unit format, allowing the student to review the writing process, sentences, punctuation, paragraph construction, basic essay format, and editing. Students work at their own pace on topics they still need to master or can skip over topics where they have skills.

Introduction to Distance Learning

The "Introduction to Distance Learning" (Intro2DL) course provides five self-paced, online, open access modules on key topics related to successfully navigating an online learning environment. Included are tutorials on the use of Blackboard (a learning management system); time and resource management when learning online, what to expect in accommodation support and collaboration within an online community; and using online technology tools. Intro2DL will also address motivation and extending students’ online presence to support their coursework.

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