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Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

The UAA College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) has decided to suspend admission into this program. If you have already been admitted, please contact CAS for more information.   

See the program brochure for more information. 

Available at KPC's Kenai River Campus in Soldotna and Kachemak Bay Campus in Homer through UAA

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree is a UAA/Anchorage campus program being offered at KPC. It is an interdisciplinary program that provides significant breadth across a variety of fields, meaningful depth in a single field, and the interconnections and integration among fields that allow a fuller comprehension of the modern world. It is intended for those students who prefer a broad liberal arts and sciences degree rather than a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in a single discipline. This may include students with particularly wide or still uncertain personal or career interests. Other students selecting the BLS may, with proper advising, wish to pursue professional graduate education in Law or other fields. While with the proper discipline area concentration a BLS graduate may pursue graduate study in a particular discipline area, students who plan to attend graduate school in a specific area are generally advised to take a disciplinary major. For more information on this program, see the KPC catalog.

UA degrees at KPC

KPC offers courses that lead to completion or near completion of several degrees offered by other campuses of the University of Alaska. As a community campus of UAA, KPC is able to support these program offerings based on student interest and adequate enrollment. It is very important to consult with an advisor to plan a program. 

Bachelor programs and Associate programs offered through other UA campuses require students to complete admission and graduation applications through the campus that offers the degree, and will be subject to the admission and graduation application deadlines of that campus.


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