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KPC/AES is committed to helping students succeed by offering a variety of resources. In addition to the resources below, students should not hesitate to consult with their instructors or with an advisor if they are having any difficulties with their classes. KPC is known for faculty and staff who give students any help they may need to navigate the college experience.

Online Writing Lab (OWL) 

The OWL is staffed by KPC faculty and student tutors. This Web site addresses issues related to writing: the writing process, essay format, paragraph development, documentation, grammar, and basic writing tips. This site provides students with the opportunity to dialog with a trained tutor about their written work.

Online Math Lab (OML)

The OML is designed to help students plan for and achieve success in their mathematics courses. There are dedicated tutors who  help students who are preparing for a test, struggling with homework or having to learn a new or difficult concept. The OML has many options available to assist students including email hints, pencasts and eLive online tutoring. There are also helpful links to external sites that offer many offering free online tools and pilot diagnostic programs to help students prepare for success, all backed up by talented face to face tutors at the KPC Learning Centers.

For more information on tutoring, contact AES. 

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