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Advising at AES

Find out everything you need to know about taking classes at AES.

The goal of advising is to help students develop educational plans consistent with career/life goals and to provide students with the information and skills needed to pursue those goals. It not only involves telling students what they need to know, but also aims at enabling them to find things out for themselves. Meeting with an adviser provides an opportunity for students to determine the best college program for them. Counselors and advisors are available for students of all ages and backgrounds, and can aid students with program planning, transfer coordination, personal crisis intervention, stress reduction, and much more. All services are free to students.

It is important to know who your adviser is and to seek advice often, rather than meeting only when problems arise. KPC has an obligation to ensure that academic advising is available to all students. Academic advising is not mandatory. Students are encouraged to utilize advising and are responsible for seeking advising.  

Anchorage Extension Site Advisors 

Rick Adams - Process Technology

Al Grant - Occupational Safety and Health

Contact Lynda Kreps for more information.

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