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Anchorage Extension Site

The Anchorage Extension Site is an extension of Kenai Peninsula College, which is a unit of the University of Alaska Anchorage.

KPC's Anchorage Extension Site offers associate of applied science degree programs in Occupational Safety and Health and Process Technology at the University Center in Anchorage.

KPC assumed the Occupational Safety & Health program from UAA's Community and Technical College in 2004 and began offering KPC's Process Technology program on site as well. UAA had offered the OSH program since 1999.   

The two-year OSH associate of applied science degree is available via face-to-face courses and also online or a combination of both. Currently the Process Technology associate of applied science program is offered face-to-face on site with some courses available via online streaming from KPC's Kenai River Campus. 

Students should note that KPC faculty are reviewing the effects of environmental responsibilities becoming an integral part of an OSH professional's responsibilities and how that may affect future curriculums.

It is important for students to seek advising to be sure they are choosing the best course sequencing to obtain their degree in the most efficient manner.

Important Information for AES Students

  • Be aware that you must search carefully for AES classes within the UAA-Kenai Peninsula College menu on UAOnline. Scrolling to OSH or PRT classes, note that the room numbers for all AES classes begin with UC, indicating the course is taught at the University Center. Another way to be sure the class originates at AES is to note that the SECT is an "A _ _" followed by two numbers, indicating the class originates at AES. Courses with SECT listings of "AWB" indicate the course is Web-based from AES.
  • The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) local chapter has a student chapter. Please contact the AES desk at 786-6421 if you are interested in helping or joining! 
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